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Electronic Ballot for the Annual Meeting of the Northcrest Homeowners Association to be held on May 28, 2020

This electronic ballot is made available to the owners of the Northcrest Homeowners Association. By casting this ballot, you do hereby confirm that you are the owner of the property listed below and do authorize the casting of this ballot. You further confirm your understanding that this Ballot will be used to assist the community in obtaining quorum and if no proper quorum is established, this vote is null and void.  "By casting your vote via absentee ballot you will forgo the opportunity to consider and vote on any action from the floor on these proposals, if a meeting is held. This means that if there are amendments to these proposals your votes will not be counted on the final vote on these measures. If you desire to retain this ability, please attend any meeting in person. You may submit an absentee ballot and later choose to attend any meeting in person, in which case any in-person vote will prevail." Per HB 2761, all fields listed below are required fields and if you do not complete the Ballot in full, your vote will not count. If you attend the meeting, this vote will not be counted. Please remember that you are allotted one vote per property address. Ballots will be verified by date of submission and the latest ballot for any given property address will prevail. Any vote cast at a meeting by a property owner supersedes any vote submitted by absentee or electronic ballot previously submitted for that proposal. 

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