Resale Certificates

Thank you for using Junction Property Management’s Resale Certificate Request page.  We hope this page is helpful to you in completing this step of your sale closing.  You can make your request by completing the on-line request below.

Resales are completed quickly in our office, but remember by law we have7 business days to complete and return the information to you.  The cost of the Resale certificate for normal delivery is $300.00, payable in advance.  Please contact our office at 972-484-2060 with any questions.  

Resale fees are due in advance.  Payment can be made by clicking here  –>                   This link is for fees due directly to Junction Property Management so you can process your charge on-line.  This is a secure site, so it should be easy for you to complete.

ON-LINE RESALE CERTIFICATE REQUEST – Please complete this form.  It will be sent to our resale department.

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